About me

My name is Danijar Dreger and I am deeply fascinated by the world.

I have been obsessively interested in Mathematics, Philosophy, Science, and History for many years.

At the moment, I am simultaneously a 17 years old high school student in Lüneburg, Lower Saxony, Germany and an undergraduate at the University of Hamburg where I study pure Mathematics. I am currently enrolled in Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis and in a master seminar called “Hopf algebras, tensor categories, and three-manifold invariants”.

I am also an active writer on Quora (I have over 1,2 million views on all my content) where I write about mathematics.

I am also the owner of the Quora space “Science and Math Geeks” which is the biggest Science space on Quora with over 1.700.000 followers.

For a long time, I have been very infatuated with mathematics. I will become a professor of (pure or applied) mathematics in the future.

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